“an Strahlen” is a series of workshops designed as a playful introduction to public performance. “an Strahlen” aims to explore the interaction between audience and participants, (found) footage and urban environments, projections and the human body.

“an Strahlen” can be translated as both “close to rays (of light)” and as “shining light on something or someone”.

“an Strahlen” is thomas eichhorn & florian egermann

Current: an Strahlen II

Lichter Streetview, Frankfurt am Main, 22.+23.3.2013

an Strahlen II
– a intimate screening.

An umbrella outfitted with a internet-connected smartphone and a beamer will serve as a projection screen. Invite people under the umbrella and show your own short movie or anything from youtube or vimeo and provide a live commentary if you want to.

Lichter Filmfest / Lichter Streetview

an Strahlen I

NODE Forum for media arts, Frankfurt am Main, 14-17.2.2013

an Strahlen I

Bring your laptop/patches/movie file on USB stick for a 5-minute screening in front of the Frankfurter Kunstverein. There is a beamer and audience, but no screen – you can select from available fabrics, cloth, paper etc. and create the screen you like – either build it in advance or create one on site. Moving, collapsing, static. Or gather a group of people and let them be your screen.

It’s not about precision, it’s about improvisation and having fun.

NODE- forum for digital arts


Florian Egermann, Thomas Eichhorn